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Good things can come from accidents  by Sawari-chan Good things can come from accidents :iconsawari-chan:Sawari-chan 3 1 Let Me Sleep by Sawari-chan Let Me Sleep :iconsawari-chan:Sawari-chan 2 0 What? by Sawari-chan What? :iconsawari-chan:Sawari-chan 3 0 Up Close by Sawari-chan Up Close :iconsawari-chan:Sawari-chan 2 0 Who's A Purty Kitty? by Sawari-chan Who's A Purty Kitty? :iconsawari-chan:Sawari-chan 1 1 Pina! by Sawari-chan Pina! :iconsawari-chan:Sawari-chan 3 2


[PC] Headshot -Yukio- by Arceus55 [PC] Headshot -Yukio- :iconarceus55:Arceus55 68 27
gratia | hyun ryu x reader
Jumin Han, Jaehee Kang, Yoosung★, 707, ZEN
Jaehee Kang: I'm sure we can all say that the party ended up as a success after all. It's a relief that we can be at ease once again.
Yoosung★: Didn't [Y/N] did such a great job!?! It was just like before we held parties, even better!! Everyone was so lively... It was great!!! ^_^
707: Too bad I didn't get in on the festivities... It sounded fun out there, especially with Zen showcasing his partner at the end lololol
ZEN: You act as this is a bad thing. At least I have someone as precious as them to even call them my own.
-- You logged into the chat. --
707: Harsh T_T
Jumin Han: Zen, I don't think you realize that you shouldn't have put them in the middle of the spotlight like that. Let alone taking pride in this.
ZEN: [Y/N]~!
USERNAME: Good morning, everyone!
ZEN: I missed you~ ^^
Jumin Han: After s
:iconchronologize:chronologize 95 6
quiescent | chihiro mayuzumi x reader
    Crystalline snow fluttered to the ground, covering the Earth in a blanket of white. Watching the snow slowly fall outside your frosted window brought a grin to your features as the warm air from inside your bedroom kept out the biting chill of winter. Laying in bed, you glanced outside the window from where you were, staring longingly at the driven snow. You turned your head, although, to see Mayuzumi emerge from behind your bedroom door. Quickly, the scent of mocha and spices wafted to your nose. Your eyes went downwards to see he was holding two steaming mugs of tea by their rims-- the source to the sweet smell.
    Placing the mugs on the nightstand next to the bed, he carefully slipped into the bed next to you, lifting up the many blankets before wrapping his arms around your torso.
    You giggled to feel his soft, white hair tickle the back of your neck as he made himself comfortable.
    "This is turning out as one of those s
:iconchronologize:chronologize 28 3
scriptum [au] | hajime iwaizumi x reader
author's notes:
this is a college!au
    The college library had dust collected everywhere as far as you could see, while the floor had been littered with dirt, torn paper, and other pieces of trash brought in by the students. Large bookcases that were big enough to cover walls stood erect throughout the room in neat rows, filled to the brim with books with their spines facing outwards. As you sat hunched over a table in the quiet atmosphere, you rubbed your throbbing temples as you glanced down at your notebook once more. The words you had written were starting to blur together. You were certain that the dust floating aimlessly through the air hadn't obstructed your view, causing the whites of your eyes to redden. No, it was you constantly straining your brain with every possibility of what to write next.
    You had already accepted the fact that writing a novel wouldn't be easy, for when you're writing a book, it's just not writing your
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091 by weelx 091 :iconweelx:weelx 216 9 autumn path by Thunderi autumn path :iconthunderi:Thunderi 3,228 303
masque | uta x reader
    "So, what sort of mask did you have in mind?"
    Uta's gentle voice resonated through the store as you were seated on a stool. While his slender fingers ran with your hair, you hummed at the question before finally responding.
    "I was thinking of something that could cover my eyes," you began. "Something... mysterious."
    The ghoul then delicately twirled a lock of your hair around his forefinger as he studied your features from behind.
    "Something to cover your eyes..." he repeated. "Something mysterious too? Like a superhero's mask?"
    A grin made its way onto your face as you nodded eagerly. The corners of the his mouth turned upwards while his hands left your hair and grasped your shoulders.
    "I've got the perfect thing for you," he said. "You have to close your eyes first."
    You obliged, closing your eyelids shut. Momentarily did you feel the
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pluvia | dave strider x reader
    Your eyes fluttered open as you ached into reality. The sound of rain hammering against the window was the first thing you were met with as you laid awake in bed.
Light barely trickled through the open window as black clouds were sprawled across the sky. You flinched to see a streak of hot silver split the sky, followed by the low growl of thunder. You pressed your elbows against the rough canvas of the mattress, propping yourself up from your sleeping position, only to realize an arm gently wrapped around your waist.
    "What are you doing up?" Dave asked. His words were muffled by the pillow his head was nestled into, his arm refusing to move from your body.
    You couldn't help but smile at the sight of your bleary-eyed boyfriend, looking into his clouded, red irises.
    "No reason, Dave," you replied. "The rain had woke me up, that's all."
    He then mumbled something against the fabric of his pillow
:iconchronologize:chronologize 38 3
Playful Midnight - Contest Entry by Sketcha-Betcha Playful Midnight - Contest Entry :iconsketcha-betcha:Sketcha-Betcha 9 2 Blue Light by Sketcha-Betcha Blue Light :iconsketcha-betcha:Sketcha-Betcha 3 3 The lone statue by chensae The lone statue :iconchensae:chensae 6 2 FLOWER FAIRY by chensae FLOWER FAIRY :iconchensae:chensae 4 3
oculorum | haruka nanase x reader
    A shaky breath fell from your lips as you peered at your bathroom mirror with red, irritated eyes. You blinked away briny tears which made wet tracks down your face before dripping steadily onto your night clothes. You tried hard not to make any sounds as you panicked within the confined space of your bathroom, but you couldn't cease your constant sniffling or the occasional sob that slipped past your lips. Only when you heard a soft knock at the bathroom door did your body stiffened, trying even harder to not make any noise.
    "Come in," you managed to speak.
    You were instantly met with Haru who sheepishly opened the door, his eyes slightly widened to see your face blotched and swollen from crying.
    "I see you're upset..." he stated, still standing in the doorway.
    His chest ached to see you in such distress, his emotionless expression replaced with a small frown. You sniffled in the sleeves of
:iconchronologize:chronologize 43 3
Glassy eyed light of day by jyoujo Glassy eyed light of day :iconjyoujo:jyoujo 122 15 Commission - Sally by Sketcha-Betcha Commission - Sally :iconsketcha-betcha:Sketcha-Betcha 7 6 Commission - Sally by Sketcha-Betcha Commission - Sally :iconsketcha-betcha:Sketcha-Betcha 5 2



Good things can come from accidents
I was trying to take a picture of the moon but this happened instead and I loved it.
Up Close
Taken Sunday, October 30th 2016

Around the time when I first got my Canon Powershot SX530 HS camera, which was like October 21st or so? I played with it a bit before this but this picture was when I really felt like I was doing well. I was so happy to get such a clear picture of my cat for once ^^
    So, for my 16th birthday I got this canon camera as a present. Ever since then, I've been playing around with it and taking pictures. So, given the many pictures that I've taken and still want to take, I decided that I'll focus on photography on this account. I have tons of pictures that I would like to upload and share with you all and I hope you like them ^^
    So, for my 16th birthday I got this canon camera as a present. Ever since then, I've been playing around with it and taking pictures. So, given the many pictures that I've taken and still want to take, I decided that I'll focus on photography on this account. I have tons of pictures that I would like to upload and share with you all and I hope you like them ^^


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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States

I'm a girl who likes writing and taking pictures. I have a deep love of cats, especially my own kitty named Pina. She may be black with yellow eyes but I think she's my living lucky charm!

I can be quite an awkward person, and I'm rather introverted, but I wouldn't mind talking with anyone and perhaps making a new friend or too! I promise I don't bite c:


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